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I had a lot of experience writing and making movies, but I didn't know the first thing about advertising. I quickly went from clueless to clued-in through positions at Hill Holliday, WKNY, Space150, + Carmichael Lynch Relate.

I bring a diversity to strategy with my social media and production background as well as my screenwriting MFA. As a screenwriter, I am constantly watching people—observing their behaviors and trying to understand their patterns for storytelling. This is the same place that I start strategy.

By observing how people actually function, you realize that a lot of your assumptions are just assumptions. Once you unlock the small nuances in people's behavior, you can come up with a focused and true strategy, or even a dope screenplay.


Be My Eyes is an assistive app that connects blind users to sighted volunteers. However, with a ratio of 10:1 volunteers to visually impaired users, they needed to demonstrate their value and get new blind members.

The objective was to increase Be My Eyes user base by by 500%. 

By reframing Be My Eyes' category from an assistive technology to a socially conscious social platform, we removed the fear of burdening others from blind users and positioned this strong and independent communityas equals within this mutually beneficial communication tool. 

Finalist Presentation for 2017's Griffin Farley's Beautiful Minds at BBH NY


trivago was the Kayak for Hotels before Kayak had hotels. As an aggregator that worked similarly to Google and other sites, trivago had a problem connecting to millennials. The goal was to increase first time site visitors in the 18 - 25 range. 

After studying how and why milleinals travel the world, we proposed something a little different for the older-leaning site. We wanted trivago to own "wanderlust" and really go after the deep seated FOMO within the mid range millennial. By providing useful real time tools when millennials were feeling like they were missing out, we made trivago relevant in the mind of travel-ready millennials.

Winner of Hill Holliday's Pitch.

PUTTING THE NY IN WKNY - WIEDEN + KENNEDY'S social strategy and guidebook

Wieden + Kennedy NY wanted you to know they are not the Portland office - they're more bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll than a Library Bakery in rainy Oregon.

The problem was they didn't know how to say it on social. 

After interviewing an employee from every single department, we figured out a new game plan -- to reposition WKNY as not just an ad agency in New York, but a voice for culture in the city -- touching on design, art, music and all the other weird stuff the people on 150 Varick are into. 

Using employees as the leaders of the page, we transformed the WKNY owned channels into so much more than just the work.