Here's a few projects that I'm currently working on.



ACROSS.BEYONd.OVER: A WEIRD DOC ABOUT memory, trans identity, + firsts

Across, Beyond, and Over is a hybrid documentary about two estranged trans men who used to date in middle school reconnecting over a long weekend to develop a film about their past. Through the pre-production process and writing exercises, they are forced to reconcile the differences in how they want to portray themselves, their relationship, and their trans identities.

Developed with the support of the Jacob Burns Film Center's Creative Culture Fellowship. 



handles: who needs irl when you have instagram

In this dark comedy obsessed with grief and social media, Alex Bass, one half of the social media famous @Twinstagram account, looks for a soul-altering change after her latest post forces her perfect twin, Maddie, to kick her off the account. Alex’s hope to branch off onto her own handle is short-lived when she realizes that the perfect handle —@AlexBass — is owned by a dead man. However, determined to switch her handle and life, she travels to a small town in Upper Michigan seeking out the widow of the handle-owner with the goal of unlocking his account. Through this absurd journey, Alex must reconcile with her own grief, her perfect sister, the person she’s crafted herself to be, and truth itself.