This family-centered drama follows Dominic, a young trans boy, who has just returned home from his first semester of college and his mother, Cheryl. In his time away, he’s come to realize that his mother’s brand of “support” comes with the constant questioning of Dominic’s own gender identity. Feeling ready to tell his mother how he feels about her inquisitions and interjections and now emboldened with the decision to move in with his father, aka Cheryl’s ex-husband, Dominic sits his mother down a local Tex-Mex restaurant to deliver the news. However, Cheryl has other plans for the meal. After a few Facebook live sessions highlighting Dominic’s transition, Cheryl tells Dominic that she’s invited a new friend to their lunch -- an older transgender man, named Anthony, that she found on Craigslist to mentor Dominic. Once Anthony arrives, along with his archaic ideas of gender and sexuality, Dominic is forced to see his mother’s support as damaging and has to tell her once and for all what he needs.

Supporting I-57 is about more than funding one film. By investing in this project, you are supporting the voices of female directors and producers, POC media-makers, and allowing trans people to have more chances to tell their own stories.
Signed Poster

Donate $50 and get your hands on the official and limited edition film poster signed by the cast and crew + all lower level perks.

Donate $50 and receive a signed limited edition film poster signed by the cast and crew. Each $50 donation helps this film be seen by covering a festival submission fee.

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An Awkward Meal for 3

Be like Dominic, Cheryl, and Anthony and have your own awkward meal + all lower level perks when you donate $750.

This is your chance to be like the people in the movies. For a $750 donation, you will receive a gift certificate for a meal for 3 at the film's location (a Brooklyn based Mexican restaurant). Awkwardness not included, but recommended. 

What does $750 mean to our production? A lot. For $750, we get a day of filming at our location. This location fee goes to compensate the restaurant and their amazing staff that is putting up with all these cameras.

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Thank You Credit

Donate $10 to the I-57 Team and receive a credit at the end of the film for your support.

Every $10 donation equals 1 meal for cast and crew. Making a film is hard work and the hours are long, so your support helps keep our team fed and happy. You may not think $10 means anything to a film production, but a little goes a long way!

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A Message From #JustSharon (Plus Support a GAP PA!)

Need some positivity? Donate $100 and receive a personalized video message from the film’s inspiration, Sharon Kidd-Fryer (aka Brit’s mom), sent directly to your phone + all lower level perks.

Donate $100 and receive the kind of support and encouragement that allowed me to actually make this film a reality. You will receive a personalized video message from the Instagram queen and supportive mom extraordinaire - Sharon Fryer (@justsharon63). Her vibrant energy and kind words with uplift you for the rest of 2018. 

Also BIG NEWS, each donation of $100 allows us to bring on and PAY a trans/GNC future filmmaker to work and learn on set. We're partnering with the Global Action Project on this effort to increase the diversity behind the camera. 

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Producer Credit

For $1,000, you will be credited as a producer on the film. Neat, right? Plus, you’ll also receive all lower level perks.

Ever want to work in the moving picture business? Well, this is your chance. For a $1,000 donation to I-57, you will be officially on as a producer. Your name will be credited in the film and on IMDB as such! 

Insurance is tricky AND it's one of the largest cost on a film set. Each $1000 donation goes towards insuring our gear, people, and locations. Help us be safe + secure. 

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Thank You Postcard

Donate $25 and receive a custom postcard from the team + all lower level perks.

Each $25 dollar donation helps us transport equipment and people to and from set. Luckily, we all have driver’s licenses.

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Ticket to Taco Tuesday Premiere Party

Join us for the premiere of I-57, which clearly is happening on a Taco Tuesday, ya’ll! A $500 Donation includes screening + tacos + all lower level perks.

This a movie about a tough conversation had over tacos. Naturally, we're serving Brooklyn's finest Mexican food, while watching the premiere of I-57. Donate $500 and join us for the celebration and get your grub on. 

We have an amazing cast of talent actors in place and we want to be sure to pay them what they are worth. Each $500 donation goes to support the actor's pay, accommodations, and airfare. 

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Executive Producer Credit

WOW WOW WOOO! Welcome to the team, executive producer.

You’ll also get all lower perks and maybe a BIG OL’ HUG from Brit (if you want).

For $2,000, you will be credited as an executive producer on I-57. A $2000 donation allows us to pay for our cast’s rates, accommodations, and travel. It also allows all the talented people on the crew to get paid a stipend. Your generosity not only supports this film, but supports the careers of young filmmakers, Black actors, and trans actors! 

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